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Semikah Textiles

I’m never not in the market for a new, old rug. So you can see how after stumbling upon interior designer Veronica Hamlet’s collection of vintage Moroccan rugs, pillows and baskets, I know I’m in trouble. The vibrant colors and distinctive patterns . . . be still my heart and be kind to my

TOH Top 100 2015: Best New Finishing Touches

At only ⅛ inch thick, this ultra-thin wood wall covering, reclaimed from a river in northern Maine, gives any room a rustic vibe without bulking up the walls. Did we mention these veneers are peel-and-stick? DIY doesn’t get any easier, folks. By timberchic

Skirted Broom

Isabel would’ve most likely had to use a broom. Isabel is a slave and slaves are required to clean. So, Isabel would have had to use a broom to sweep up crumbs and dirt inside the house. I don’t like this pin very much because Isabel would’ve most likely used a dull, old broom, not a colorful, new one.